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It seamed like a good idea at the time setting up camp on the back of the truck. It was covered and the sides were only partly closed to allow some ventalation. When the rain came. It all turned pearshap. The rain was driving in, so I had to quickly jupm up and put the fly on. First problem successfully diverted. When I woke up in the morning I was just about floating in my tent with a inch of water becouse it hadn’t been able to drain away.

Before leaving we had our tents out drying in the resturant car park. A can climbed inside Roberts tent. When Robert went to get the cat out it pannic. It was the funnyist thing ever watching this tent move round the car park at a quick rate of knots. With the cat franticly trying to get out. Turned out not be be so funny as the cat ended up tearing the tent to sreads.

It was 43km to cycle out to the border with Honduras. Was real quick to pass the El Salvador custums. It was then a long wait to get into Honduras. We were greated by a real dirty border town. We didn’t hang around and cycled out before stopping for lunch. By now it was supper hot Like Guatemala and El Salvador all the cars here are

Toyota’s and Nissans.

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San Lorenzo was a bigish town so we were able to find our first Bomberios in Honduras to stay with. They have put us inside on the flour of a store room for the night.

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The Fire Chief surprised me by bringing out a T Shirt from New Zealand


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There is a very distinctive pattern emerging in Central America. It seams every night around 8pm there is a huge thunder storm. Last night was no exception. I was very relived to have been inside with the Bomberios.

Becouse the rain was so hard and heavy. The streets soon flouded. I stood our side for an hour and watched the lighting. Good thing is the rain brought the tempature down, making it a bit more berible to sleep. Im glad so far the days have been rain free.

HONDURAS 1 2016-06-18 044

Robert and I parted ways today. He is going to head to the Northern border. While I am going to go straight through to the Nicarauga border, with only one more stop.

I love these short days. Only cycled 35km to the next town and by 10:30am I was cheeking into the next Bomberios. Again really friendly and welcoming……….offering the use of the kitchen and showers. They gave me a spot out the back to camp………but said not to put my tent up until the evening. They had a nice internal court yard with a fountian filled with fish and Turteles. The Honduras Bomberios are the most profesional I have come across so far. There uniforms are very smart and they look a bit militry. Saying that everything is very regamental. On arrival they take your passport and all your details. They had a lot of brand new looking equiment.

On the way into town I was stopped by a guy who asked if I needed any help.

I told him I was looking for the Bomberios and if they wouldn’t host me I would need a hotel. Ramon told me if the Bomberios were no good, that I could camp at his local church or I could just go round to use the free Wifi. So I did take advantage of the Wifi offer. Still allowed time to look around town. Been a saturday a lot of things were shut and some parts of town were very quite. The the pool hall was busy with a lot of people watching and in the same street was a copertive venture with people selling old tool and bits and pieces. I see some this old great stuff and wish I could ship it back to New Zealand.

HONDURAS 1 2016-06-18 047

I ran into this happy clown on my walkabout.

I got back to the Bomberios, put my tent up and cooked some dinner in there kitchen.

They have there own cook. We were able to share the stove. On the Tv was reports of the wide spread flouding and landslides through out Honduras cause by the heavy rain.

I hadn’t needed to put my tent up becouse after dinner. The captian said there was room for me in the Dormentry if I wanted. So I was straight out to pack up my tent.

I was truly spolit in the dormetry becouse I was able to have such a good nights sleep.

The Airconditioning was so nice.



START 7:30 FINISH 14:30 (19/06/16)


It was only 43km to cycle out to the border this morning and after a grand total of 130km Honduras was done and I was on to my third country in a number of days. Tho I got to stay a lot longer then I wanted. The Honduras side of the border was a shambles. There were no signs and just crowards of people. It took 70 minutes to be processed. Then I had left the building and was on my bike when I call back after the customs offical had realised my finger prints hadn’t registed. I had to go back for a reprint.


Thankfuly the Nicarauga side was a lot smother. I meet another cyclist from Venizeiella. He wanted to know if Honduras and El Salador were safe. I think he had heard a lot of bad things and was thinking the worse.

In total I lost two hours at the border. It was pretty hot when I got out. Its back up in the 40’s again. I cycled 20km and then took a road 3km off the highway to visit what I thought was a pretty big town and I was sure they would have bomberios. Got a surprise to find no bomberios. Either go back 10km to the last town, or cyle on 60km.


It was too hot and I wasn’t going anywhere. This day was done. I called into the police station and unfortunetly they wern’t keen to host me. They said they would have robbers in the night and it would be to danguras. But to try the Cassa de Padray.

The Pardry wasn’t home. I was allowed to wait for him. In that time we had a short sharp earthquake. Everyone looked at the roff and the heavy clay tiles. Two hours later the Padry turned up and to my relief said it wouldn’t be a problem. Turned out I was there first ever cyclist to have staied. The Padry was only 29 years old.



It was a big house with a internal cortyard with rooms opening on to the cortyard. A lot of people lived here. There was a family in the front room and it seamed like his job was to ring the church bells before every service. I think his wife did all the cooking along with another women and then there were half a dozen altor boys who slept in a dorm room. The inteernal court yard was a mixture of gardens which the padry was very proud of. He was growing grapes, mango and some other fruit along with flowers, It was a bit of a zoo as well with chickens and rabbits and a very friendly parrot.


Danielle was very kind he brought out some soup for me. It was so yummie filled with chunkie vegitibles and tasty stuffing balls.

I asked the padry what time mass was and he looked at his watch and said 5 mins and he was off. After I finnished my dinner I went over the the church. The church was packed. It was a good saturday night turn out. There were no seats so I just stood to the side. Soon someone brought me a chair. I might’t been able to understand much. I still enjoyed the service and the whole process. The singing was exspically nice to hear.

After the service I was asked if I wanted to eat again. More nice food was brought out. Rice , salad and a tarco rolled up with a beaf stew filling.the front office.


I slept on a mattress on the flour in the front office